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Sandman "The Endless" Flake Sticker Set

Sandman "The Endless" Flake Sticker Set

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Truffles & Bedlam loves stickers! A little creepy, a little cute, our flake sticker collections are designed for planners, plotters, and stationery addicts -- as well as anyone else who appreciates oddities, wonders, and a little bit of magic too.

Our Sandman flake sticker set is printed on super sticky glossy sticker paper and cut-in house, then lovingly tucked into a cardstock backer with a cello sleeve so they don't bend or fold in transit when we ship them to their new homes.

This sticker collection features nine mini die-cut flake stickers of our favourite characters inspired by The Endless: Destiny, Death (comic book version), Death (tv version), Dream, Delirium, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Daniel. Each character is 2" tall. You will receive one each of every character listed in the set, or nine stickers in all.

Please note that for storage purposes: The sticker backer measures 3 x 2.5 inches... the same as our "Chonky" bookmark backers.


Illustrations © Truffles & Bedlam

Product Features

- Designed by a fan for fans
- Handmade and cut in-house
- Super sticky matte sticker paper
- Presented on a cardstock backer
- Made with nerdy love

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