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Tentacle Pals! Kit Fisto & Aayla Secura

Kit Fitsto & Aayla Secura Magnetic Bookmarks

So I had an optimization call with Etsy yesterday, in which someone looks at your shop and your presence and gives you a few pointers on how to better do things so that you rank better in search. A lot of good things came out of that chat, but something surprising too:

I opened up at the beginning of December 2020, and as of last night, I’ve made one hundred and sixty one sales on Etsy. ☺️☺️☺️ Apparently (and this was news to me) that’s unusually good for newbies? Or rather, that’s more than most people experience in their first six months. And I’m sitting here on the slow days going, am I making the wrong thing? Am I doing stuff that’s too rare, too nerdy, too obscure? 

Maybe I’m just very hard on myself. I dunno. If you dig something let me know, ‘cause otherwise it’s just me in a corner giggling to myself about Star Wars Tales #14 and how I’m cute-ifying a very sweet set of Jedi who I am currently obsessed with.

Aayla Secura, Magnetic Bookmark

Aaayla Secura has joined the ranks on our website and our Etsy, and if you ship it, you can find her paired with Kit Fisto – just like they were for one brief and shining moment in Tides of Terror.  

Or, you know. Don’t:

You can also get Kit and Aayla on their own too. 

Did you know: If you place paired bookmarks on opposite pages and close the book, they kiss in secret? 😘

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