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Stories of the Light Side… and the Dark.

The Clone Wars Magnetic Bookmarks

The first time I watched the Clone Wars, I took in bits and pieces. I admitted to myself that I was a Rebels fan first and foremost, and I wanted to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. I don’t think I recognized at the time that I’d fall in love with so many characters, or develop interests in those that had only a little screen time.

As things worked out, it took a rewatch and a read of Stories of Light and Dark, and a handful of the comic books, but eventually it clicked. (And that’s where I started looking for fanfic, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish. When I reach the point of “I need fanfic for these characters” you can assume I’m completely committed and there’s no way out.)

To this day, I still wonder if seeing Order 66 happen in RotS didn’t colour my interpretation of the Jedi from the Clone Wars era initially. I needed to get to know them better to really fall in love, and having reached that point, I miss them now that the series is over.

Making any kind of art for these characters brings you closer to them, I think, and it keeps them alive. So I’m gonna keep doing that.

The first wave of our Clone Wars magnetic bookmarks is available here and on our Etsy. There will absolutely be a second wave. No question.

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