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Poe Dameron & Rey Skywalker

"Damerey" Magnetic Bookmarks featuring Poe Dameron and Rey Skywalker from The Rise of Skywalker

Okay, Trevorrow. Eat your heart out.

These pics are so fresh I can’t even. I like shooting in natural daylight because it shows the colour accurately, but it’s the dead of winter and I’m in Canada. (I’m laughing as I shovel the driveway, I promise.) There are fewer bright, sunny days to work with this time of year, so I make a bunch of bookmarks and stack them up for the mornings where I’ve got sunshine, and then get busy. Today was one such day.

Happy to report that I’ve got Damerey (Poe Dameron x Rey) done and added to the store and to the Etsy and they look freaking awesome.

FWIW, I did read the alternative Trevorrow script for TROS and I thought it had some interesting elements to it, though all around it was definitely a much darker take on things in a lot of ways. (I don’t mind darker. Is that ironic, given how happy fluffy the Truffles & Bedlam brand is? Don’t be fooled. I’m horrorcore even though it doesn’t look it at first glance.) 😆 

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