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Plo Koon & Lil’ Ahsoka Tano

It was my original intention not to say a peep about this set of magnetic bookmarks until May the Fourth, but after looking at my planner, and weighing how much I’d flood our Instagram if I actually made-good on the art I hope to deliver for Star Wars Day, I figured it might be easier on the more book-minded folx if I spaced these releases out a bit.

So, conclusion: early arrival of Plo Koon & Lil’ Ahsoka Tano!

This set is being treated a little differently this time. Usually, if you want a pair of T&B bookmarks, we offer them in two sizes: mega (3″ tall) and mini (2.25″) tall. But because there’s already an inherent size disparity between these characters, I’m putting them forward as a mixed set.

That means Plo and Lil’ Soka are only available in a one size fits all: Plo Koon is 3″ (mega) tall, and Lil’ Ahsoka is 2.25″ (mini) tall.

Having said that, if you desperately want a mini-sized Jedi Master Plo Koon, he’s available on his own in both sizes, here and at our Etsy.

Lil’ Ahsoka Tano is available as a website exclusive too. ☺️ And of course, if you’re interested in the grown-up version of the padawan learner, we still have stock in her Clone Wars and Mandalorian variants.

As far as the history between them goes, a very smol Ahsoka Tano was found on Shili and brought back to Coruscant by Master Plo Koon to be trained as a Jedi. She was three years old. They have a father/daughter dynamic, and Plo refers to her affectionately as, “Little ‘Soka”.

Enjoy, and as ever, happy reading!


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