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Kit Fisto!

Someone left me a note on their order the other day (which I love, btw. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in this endeavour), saying “I’m sorry I just really love Kit Fisto.”

And I’m like, my dude: you never need to apologize to me for liking what you like or loving what you love. Because I love him too.

This little shop wouldn’t exist if I didn’t love things obsessively or get overly emotionally involved with fictional worlds. This is our raison d’être.

Kit’s available in mega (left) and mini (right) sizes on the T&B Etsy and website, and since I spent yesterday morning straining to get just the right type of daylight to shoot these bookmarks, I thought I’d point out that I am anal retentive enough that all the fandom characters that live in the catalogue are designed with a front and a back.

As far as design decisions go, I hate (hate) getting to a spot in a book I’ve marked off and then having to re-read bits to figure out if I was on one side of the page or the other. Solution: frontsies/backsies.

Also tentacles. Because nautolans are cute. 

(I also have Kilindi Matako if you’re into that kind of thing.)

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