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Gods, Monsters, Saints, and Sinners too: Something Dark & Holy

Something dark and holy is here, just in time for the last book in the trilogy to arrive on April 6th. I first picked up Wicked Saints when it was released a couple of years ago. Read the first few pages featuring Nadya peeling potatoes and decided that it wasn’t for me. DNFed the book.

It happens. I’m a fussy reader and my attention span often only holds for the first few lines before I make a decision as to whether I’ll read a book or not. Unfortunately for my bookshelves and their limited space, I often buy the book before deciding if it’s right for me. Wicked Saints sat on my shelf for a year as a result. I liked the cover. I liked the vibe. It had the right components of something I’d be completely batty for.

It took Ruthless Gods‘ release for me to give the first book a second try, and that… that send me back to the beginning of the trilogy for a devouring.

So here we are: on the precipice of the last instalment being released, and this time, I’m ready for it. I come equipped with bookmarks, firstly for myself because I love Serafin (which is strange because I usually fall for the villains, but I really lost it over his whole aesthetic at the end of Ruthless Gods), and also for you, because if you need a little prompting to get lost in Tranavia, this is it: go. Go now.

Dark and gods-touched: Nadia, Malachiasz, and Serafin, inspired by the Something Dark and Holy trilogy

I’m showing up with variant editions right off the bat because the supernatural overtones of the book are super interesting, and it’s nice to sink the teeth into a dark fantasy that isn’t afraid of a little bloodshed. On offer is a “dark” trilogy of characters: Nadya, Malachiasz as the Black Vulture, and Serafin in the Something Dark and Holy Wicked Trio Magnetic Bookmark Set.

Malachiasz Czechowicz and Nadya Lepteva, inspired by Wicked Saints

If you’d prefer something a little lighter, I’ve also got Malachiasz and Nadya available as a set. Books & blood included… but without the wings and eyeballs. 😉

Malachiasz and Nadya in Mini sizes, inspired by Wicked Saints

All our magnetic bookmarks are available in mega (3 inch tall) and mini (2.25 inch tall) sizes, and can be brought home individually or in a trio, or as a set.

Everyone is available at our website, and on our Etsy as of today.

Happy reading!

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